This excellent video was put together and featured on Motofinity to answer Chrysler’s admittedly well produced, but somewhat disingenuous Super Bowl ad.

“The big three are back! Detroit’s shaking things up again!” So much is wrong with those two statements.

First, Ford never left, and we’ve whipped up a commercial to answer Eminem and “Chevy Runs Deep,” since it seems that Ford is practicing a lot of discretion on the matter.

Neither of these companies is making a comeback. You can’t make a comeback when you get bought by another company or go bankrupt to be absolved of your debts and re-emerge as a “new” company.

Ford doesn’t have to make a comeback – because it has been here for 108 years. Ford’s lineup is the sharpest it’s been in decades, and this is due to prescient leadership, from Alan Mulally down.