EVO Magazine has updated their magazine for the iPad again and this time it is even nicer. It has a cleaner look to match iOS 7’s aesthetic.

Life with an iPad 3G

I’ve been an auto enthusiast a lot longer than I’ve been interested in all things Apple, but the two interests have meshed together nicely. I enjoyed reading auto sites like Autoblog, Evo Online, DriveCult, Automobile Magazine and others, but now I’m beginning to turn to their iPad versions. Why? Mainly it’s because the publisher can do a lot of creative things with their publications through an app.  I began with Zinio, and still use it, but it really is just the print version of the magazine scanned in, though there are a lot of features Zinio offers such as being able to see some video and reading just the text.  The apps have the potential to have a lot more robust character to their presentation of essentially the same content.

EVO Magazine is a top tier auto enthusiast magazine published in the United Kingdom.  I found it because one…

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